Thursday, October 31, 2013

Preschool Halloween Party

Happy Halloween From Mrs. Nathalie's Preschool Class

Here are some of the fun activities, snacks  and games for Halloween

Decorate pumpkins with yarn, stickers, eyes puff balls...

Halloween Craft
Make candy corns. This is great for their fine-motor skills (tear/cut tissue or construction paper)
^^^^Look how cute they came out!
Make your own mummy with toilet paper.
Halloween Game: Wrap your mummy
Color your own Frankenstein Mask 

Eat delicious fancy cupcakes

Halloween food ideas
Here's a great idea for a Halloween treat!
My sister made these by dipping cookies and Nutterbutters in chocolate



DIY Teacher Halloween Costumes

My DIY costumes so far as a teacher:
Dora Halloween costume

DIY Dora costume
 I was Dora. I got orange pants and a pink shirt from a thrift store for $2 and bought this wig at a Halloween store for $12.  I hemmed the pants to be shorts. As for the  yellow socks and accessories I already had them. My mom was so awesome and made me the backpack with her scraps. 

DIY dora backpackDora DIY backpack
  Looks just like it, right?

DIY trio costume

I was the Rock and the 2 other preschool teachers were Paper and scissors.
This was made out of paint, leftover duct tape and cardboard. This costume didn't cost me anything, it was FREE.

Salt and Pepper
last minute easy halloween couple costume
Here is our no budget, last minute costume.  We printed a S and a P on paper and pinned it to  the back of our T-shirts. We also added had holes/dots; 2holes "dots" for the salt and three holes "dots" for the pepper.

DIY Little Mermaid 
little mermaid costume DIY
 I bought the wig on Amazon. Here is the link to the one I bought: Wine Red Wig  Beware the wig is not vibrant red, it's more of a maroon. I was slightly disappointed when I received it, but it turned out okay. 

Ste-by-step tutorial sew mermaid fin skirt
$5 Little Mermaid Fin skirt that I made myself. I spent $10 at Joanna's on green stretchy lining, green sparkly fabric, thread and the tulle.  Lucky for me, I had extra fabric that I made 2 mermaid skirts! 

For step-by-step beginner sewing directions click here

little mermaid make-up and red hair
My make-up. 
I'm no expert, but I decided I wanted some teal green and shimmery purple with red lipstick. I also colored in my eyebrows with red eye shadow that I had. 

I bought a bag of plastic pearls for $3 on amazon and made my own necklace, bracelets and earrings with tons of extra "pearls" for another project. 

Halloween couple DIY costume
Ariel and Prince Eric. Ready for Halloween! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween: Frankenstein Craft

F is for Frankenstein
Frankenstein shape activity

There is some prep, but I try my hardest to have the children do most of the work. 

Construction paper: green, black, and white
Black & White crayon
Frankenstein preschool project
 I had them cut  their own hair

Frankenstein Preschool art

I cut 3 sides of the green paper 7x7 and had the kids cut the last side on their own by following a black straight line.
As for the eyes. I cut them myself ( my kids are not able to cut circles yet).

Awesome trick one of my co-workers taught me was, stack a few sheets of paper, staple them so they stay in place and cut away. You can do this with anything you are trying cut multiples in :)

The rest of the activity was a step by step craft. I had them glue the green square to their white matted paper.

Then glue their hair on to their green square, that they had cut out earlier that morning.

Then pick the shape of eye they liked, round, oval, crescent and then glue it under the hair. Many of them drew pupils on their eyeballs. 

After everything was glued on, we talked about the different ways we could make our Frankenstein.
Mouth: happy, mad, sad, silly... 
Eyebrows:  one, pointy, wiggly, at a slant, two separate 

Then I had them use their imagination and make their own.

Those "E's" are stitches                            Those round objects are teeth

Have you done a Frankenstein craft with your preschoolers? There are so many more creative ways to make a Frankenstein. When deciding which one to do, take into account the level of your kids :) That it can be a little challenging, but not impossible; this will make it so much more fun for them :)  


Happy Halloween: Ghost fine-motor activity

Assessing each child's skill level
I scramble each year for open house to find activities the children have done, that could show the parents where their child's skill was in the beginning of the year. I'm thinking ahead and will have this activity in their open house binder.
I cut out the ghost by making a simple template myself then drew 3 different lines

I had them write their name then cut the lines. After they were done, they were free to decorate their ghost as much or as little as they liked.
I wrote the date and will keep it as a reference for their cutting skills as well as their ability to print their name.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Letter of the week: Ee

E is for elbow painting
Each week the kids make a fun letter project like the above picture. At the end of the year the kids will take home their bound alphabet book.
I will keep you posted on how the book is coming along. This is my first year doing this, and I think the kids are going to be very excited about it :)


Here are some letter Ee youtube clips that my kids enjoy watching throughout the week
E is for...
I have each child bring something to share that begins with the letter of the week. This week, the letter was E. Here is a picture of some of the things my kids brought.

What inside a pumpkin?

Science can be so much fun
The children have been learning about the pumpkin life cycle and the different parts of a pumpkin. They've seen pictures in books and on youtube all week long, but nothing is better than the real thing.
While I was cutting the top of the pumpkin the children were reviewing their pumpkin facts.
We reviewed the life cycle and then I proceeded to ask them question:

What do we call the dark orange part of the pumpkin that's on the outside?
What do we call the deep lines all around the skin?

Does our classroom pumpkin have a stem?
What are some things we will find inside a pumpkin?
Once I finally cut the top I showed the children the different parts. This visual really helped to engrave the definition of the vocabulary they've been learning all week.
Pumpkin preschool science
Parts of a pumpkin
My little helpers getting the seeds out
disecting a pumpking
Some of the kids enjoyed getting all slimy
and others were done with after one try.
inside a pumpkin
Trying to get all the seeds so we can bake them and eat them! 

Olive oil, salt and pepper, YUM, ready to eat!


ART + Science = FUN academics
I am going to have the children lace their pumpkins.

The children Labeled their pumpkins after dissecting a real one




Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkins Pumpkins!

This week will be all about pumpkins. Would you find it helpful if I posted my weekly newsletter?

1. orange paint         
2. pumpkin pie spice
3. paper plates          
The kids loved how yummy it smelt. Some kids finger painted, while others used a paint brush.
During this activity I introduced some vocabulary for the week: skin, ribs, stem,
They smelled sooo good!

pumpkin life cycle
The following day we colored the pumpkin life cycle and I had them put them in order. This was a successful center of what comes next (sequencing).
afterwards I helped them fold and glue their pumpkin life cycle on their vine.

later in the week they will learn more vocabulary that is related to our theme.
Literacy Center
practicing upper and lower case letters

 These cute pumpkins letters are made out of bottle caps.
These are simple and make learning letter super fun.

if you want to make these I recommended aclrlyc paint, about 2 coats and a plain black permanent marker. Easy as pumpkin pie ;)

Play-Dough Jack-o-lanterns

 This was a fun way to review some of our Spanish vocabulary:
Eyes: ojos
Nose: nariz
Mouth: boca
Lips: labios
Hair: pelo
and Spanish colors

They are so creative. Look how different they are :)