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I'm new to blogging, but figured that my personal experience would be helpful to rookie preschool teachers. I've been now teaching for 5 years in an academic preschool. When I graduated from Cal State Fullerton, I immediately was hired at a private school in Orange County. I was very fortunate to get a job that I am passionate about, but the downside was that I was hired a week before school started with no pre-set curriculum.
My first year was very rewarding, but a bit challenging. Being a rookie teacher with no real experience in curriculum development, I spent my free time preparing for the following week. Everything I used to prepare my lessons were free. I was lucky to find all of the resources I needed online. I must admit that most of my activities have been borrowed from someone much more creative than I. I believe if it works, why not share it, so that others can use it as well? It's all about the kids and making their educational journey a fun and memorable one, right? 
Well, I hope my site inspires and helps you with your teaching experience.
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I decided to post my Meet the Teacher handout because, this was something that although so easy, was difficult for me to chime in on what to talk about. Of course there are so many ways to write a meet the teacher letter, but this my example. Enjoy and hope it helps you with creating yours! If you'd like this cute vine border, just let me know, I'd love to share. 

2011 in a flash...
April: Engaged 
May: it's official, I graduated with honors, chords, & a service medallion
August: Hired at Oakridge Private School, unfortunately this is the only picture I have of my 1st year teaching
December: Married 
Honeymoon in Cancun
Crococun, Hands-on Wild Life Zoo

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