Teaching Bible Stories

This will be my first year teaching Bible Stories at school. The past 2 years I have taught Sunday School to 3 & 4 year-olds at my church. I am excited to have the opportunity to share His gospel and to bring my kids closer to Christ. Join me on this new adventure!

I have decided to teach a virtue a month, instead of going through the Bible from beginning to end. I teach Bible Stories and the other preschool teacher teaches Character Building. These are our virtues for the school year. 

September- Friendship

October- Obedience

November- Thankfulness

December- Generosity

January- Respect

February- Compassion

March- Honesty

April- Integrity

May- Responsibility


Ruth and Naomi

I found this awesome Online Story  that has nice illustrations for younger children. I found it on biblewise.com They also have other activities for this particular story. 

After this activity, we made friendship bracelets. 

David and Johnathan
Here is another Online Story with engaging illistrations and questions to get children interested and involved from biblewise.com

I also used the David and Jonathan Free Lesson Plan from Ministry-to-children.com

After reading this story, we had a discussion about "how we can be a better friend. We did some role play and acted out simple scenes. As a class, decoded a secret message that I found on BibleWise.com



1 Thessalonians 5:18

I found amazing lesson plans for preschool to kindergarten aged children. the lessons are free, click this one or here, both are good!

A Thankful Leper
 Luke 17:11-19

If you want Free illustrations for the story of the 10 lepers, with simple paraphrasing, checkout out this site

I am having the kids make a thank you letter to God.
I am in the process of making a template on Microsoft. I will post and share once I complete it :)

the Band-Aids were made from the "Everyday paper doll dress-up" Cricut 

I heard many sweet answers such as: my family, my home, flowers, my dog...

Helpful Free Lesson Plans in regards to being Thankfull:




kids vocals with lyrics
Cute animated Song

I cut the crowns and circles, but the children cut their own triangles and decorated their 3 wise men independently.

Drawing a beards

No words
*Great video to review and see if the children can retell the story :)

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