Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preschool Teacher: I'm a newbie

I'm a newbie to blogging, but decided that my personal experience would possibly be helpful to rookie preschool teachers. I've been now teaching for 4 years in an academic preschool. When I graduated from Cal State Fullerton, I immediately was hired at a private school in Orange County. I was very fortunate to get a job that I am passionate about, but the downside was that I was hired a week before school started with no pre-set curriculum.
My first year was very rewarding, but a bit challenging. Being a rookie teacher with no real experience in curriculum development, I spent my free time preparing for the following week. Now I am proud to say that at the age of 25 with only 4 years under my belt, I am training our preschool teachers. My hard work has paid off and I would love to share some ideas in making academic learning fun.
I hope my site inspires and helps you with your teaching experience.

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