Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why are polar bears skin black ?

A polar bear's skin is black so it can soak up as much of the sun's rays as possible.

Preschool polar bear craft
Before this craft, I asked the kids what color they thought the polar bears skin was. They all replied white! To better help them understand, I asked my preschoolers what color Darren's( student) skin color was, they answered white. I continued by asking them what color Darren's hair was, they said Black.  
preschool preschool winter animlas
Although Polar bears do not have "white" fur. It helped them understand that polar bears can have different color skin than their fur.
Polar bear winter animal black skin art project
Here is the link to the polar bear template: images/elementary/p329PolarBear.pdf
I had to enlarge it a few times on our school copy machine.
I stapled a few black sheets of paper and placed the template on top to make it easier and faster.

 Science Experiment
Why don't polar bears get cold in the freezing cold water?
polar bears have a lot of blubber
They only lasted 3 seconds before taking their hand out.  

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