Friday, February 14, 2014

Science Experiments for preschoolers: cavities and more

Discovering what drinks stain our teeth. WATER? SODA? APPLE JUICE?
I boiled 3 eggs and had them sitting in a bowl with the specified drink. The only drink that did not stain was water. 
The children practiced brushing teeth on the hard boiled eggs.

LIFE SKILL- Science experiment 
The children discovered that there are foods that stick more to teeth than others. They ate an apple slice, then examined their teeth and brushed the remnants. Then they ate an Oreo cookie, boy was that a mess! They were not allowed to leave this center until they successfully brushed all the chocolate off their teeth. It was great practice. One of my kids said this is taking forever. I replied with, "we have to take our time brushing our teeth. Sometimes it's hard to see all the sugar bugs, and if you don't brush your teeth long enough all over, you'll get a cavity.   



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