Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Character Building: Honesty

Honesty Activity
Character building HONESTY activity and ice breaker
I passed out skittles to all my kids and told them that they each get ONLY ONE skittle. I purposely put 2 skittles in a few hands. After everyone received one, I asked "did everyone get ONE skittle" they all replied YES! I repeated myself and said " I just want to make sure everyone ONLY got ONE skittle" I had one child say "Mrs. Nathalie, you accidently gave me TWO" and the other two children closed their hands quickly and thought I wouldn't notice.

Of course, I asked for all of them to show me their skittle and let me check , one more time. The two other children were a little embarrassed that they didn't "tell the truth". We had a long discussion about the importance of being honest.

Before the end of class I had another TEST. I had them all turn around and close their eyes. I said "whoever I tap on the shoulder get the WHOLE bag of SKITTLES". I had them all turn around and stand up if they were the "chosen one".

All my kids were honest and a little sad that it wasn't them. I gave them all another skittle for being HONEST!

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