Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkins Pumpkins!

This week will be all about pumpkins. Would you find it helpful if I posted my weekly newsletter?

1. orange paint         
2. pumpkin pie spice
3. paper plates          
The kids loved how yummy it smelt. Some kids finger painted, while others used a paint brush.
During this activity I introduced some vocabulary for the week: skin, ribs, stem,
They smelled sooo good!

pumpkin life cycle
The following day we colored the pumpkin life cycle and I had them put them in order. This was a successful center of what comes next (sequencing).
afterwards I helped them fold and glue their pumpkin life cycle on their vine.

later in the week they will learn more vocabulary that is related to our theme.
Literacy Center
practicing upper and lower case letters

 These cute pumpkins letters are made out of bottle caps.
These are simple and make learning letter super fun.

if you want to make these I recommended aclrlyc paint, about 2 coats and a plain black permanent marker. Easy as pumpkin pie ;)

Play-Dough Jack-o-lanterns

 This was a fun way to review some of our Spanish vocabulary:
Eyes: ojos
Nose: nariz
Mouth: boca
Lips: labios
Hair: pelo
and Spanish colors

They are so creative. Look how different they are :)



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