Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spider Web Science Craft

Making Spider Webs
This is a simple and fun science craft
web template
* printed on cardstock or matted on construction paper is recommended
Preschool spider craft
Some could squeeze the glue bottles and some preferred to use a Q-tip and spread the glue that way.

Preschool science craft
Everyone's webs looked different, some of the children were very engaged and some only participated for about 10-15 minutes.
The children wanted to cut their own "silk" and others appreciated the precut yarn.
I made this a science activity by reviewing all our spider facts. Here is an example of some questions I ask during our spider web science craft.  I also had some spider books opened, so they could also have a visual aid.
Teacher: How many body parts do spiders have?
Kids: 2
 Teacher: What are they called? 
Kids: thorax and abdomen
Teacher: What are webs made of? 
Kids: silk
Teacher: Where does the silk come from?
 Kids: the spinneret
Teacher: Where is the spinneret located?
Kids: in their Abdomen
Teacher: Why do spiders make webs?
 Kids: to catch their food
Teacher: What else do spiders use their silk for?
 Kids: to make protect their babies (egg sacks)
Spider Preschool
I had one child tell me "I don't want to make a web, I am making a spider egg sack"

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