Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Learning About Hibernation and Migration!

What a fun subject to learn. This theme involves a lot of play which makes hibernation so much fun for preschoolers.

Where do animals hibernate/migrate?

Language Arts
HIbernation peek-a-boo book

I found this cute idea at: http://livelaughilovekindergarten.blogspot.com I modified it a little, to meet my preschoolers needs, but kimberly was so generous and kindly e-mailed me the hibernation flap book worksheets.

TAADAA my kids loved it. Each day we learned about a different animal.


Counting bears activity
Dramatic Play
hibernating till spring

Learning about animals that hibernate and migrate went better than I anticipated. All of the children enjoyed pretending to be animals that migrate and “traveled” throughout the playground to find a warmer climate. 

Each had the opportunity to choose what animal they wanted to be, get their blankets, and hibernate till “spring”. They woke up to doughnuts, and hot chocolate, to satisfy their winter-long hunger.


Hibernation Learning Centers
making hedgehogs







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