Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Transportation lesson plan ideas

I found these cute parking lot games on pinterest. They are free to download on the Happy Brown House blog. Here's the link http://happybrownhouse.com

Dump Truck counting activity


Gross-motor Skills
Outdoor Activity: (Red light green light)
There are so many ways to play this game to make it fun and educational. You can practice these colors in Spanish- Amarillo, rojo, verde
spell them out G-O, GO!GO!

It can also be fun to have each color be a different move like hop, tiptoe, skip, jumping jacks. Their jumping jacks are in progress, but hilarious to watch!
My kids like doing "random" sometimes I shout S-T-O-P STOP, then the next time I will say verde.

I found this on a kinder blog. Make sure to check it out http://mrsleeskinderkids.blogspot.com She has great ideas!

Language Arts
Letter recognition car theme center
All  you need are care and tape/dot stickers
I used blue tape, because that what I had available at the time.
Modify for more advance children by having them practice the sound each car makes. This activity can be altered in so many fun ways, such as:
1. find the letter that makes the sound /d/
2. find the letter__
 3. review and practice numbers
Transportation beginning letter sounds worksheet.
Painting tire marks
building ramps and bridges

         CAR RACING

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