Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Insects- All About Butterflies

Circle Time
We reviewed the life cycle; click here to see how I incorporate creative movement, to help my students remember the butterfly life cycle. After they had all turned into beautiful butterflies I took my little ones on an adventure. We searched high and low for flowers. Finally when snack was ready, I gave a holler and said I FOUND FLOWERS FULL OF NECTAR. All my butterflies flew to the tables and sipped their "nectar" through their proboscis.
I used a die cut to make the flowers and poked a hole, in the middle, with a pencil. The straws were too long and had be shorten to fit their dixie cups.
ART-butterfly bracelets 
They REALLY enjoyed playing with these.
In the classroom
and outside.
SCIENCE-Life Cycle

Coloring the life cycle stages

It best to print it double sided so that the children do little less cutting and use less paper. I found this cute butterfly life cycle on, as a free printable. Make sure to read her posting, or you'll miss it. It's a click HERE link.

Their antennae fell off :(
 MAGIC SCHOOL BUS butterfly episode

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