Friday, April 4, 2014

Teacher of the Day: Tea Party theme

Teacher ID
She received her official "Teacher" ID badge and lanyard, first thing in the morning.
Morning circle
She and I made a playlist on Youtube of her favorite shapes, numbers, letters, and calendar songs. Below are a couple of her favorites.
 She led calendar and morning circle and dismissed everyone to wash their hands and line up for snack.  
Game-Played hide n' Seek
CRAFTS-Painting teacups and saucers
Click pictures to enlarge
We used this paint for paint the teacups and Saucers.
Decorating tea hats
Samples of their hats

Getting ready for the tea luncheon.
Doesn't this look delicious?

It was too hard to eat with them, so most of them took them off.
 DESSERT-cake pops
 Hyped up on sugar!!
 Her mom and nana  read her two favorite books.

 She made goodie bags to thank her "students" for being great listeners and for allowing her to be the Teacher of the Day.

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