Monday, September 16, 2013

All About Colors

Mouse Paint-  Science + Art activity

This is one of the activities the kids love. I highly recommend  it for all ages, of course with lots of supervision and assistance with the little ones. I am an advocate for exposure to more advance curriculum.

I sang while they painted each mouse on a mixing color worksheet, found below. You can sing my song however you'd like or make up your own song.  I realized that this was making the finger painting even more engaging. Sung to the tune of "London bridges", I would sing:

This mouse is in the blue paint, the blue paint, the blue paint
This mouse is in the blue paint, he's all blue

This mouse is in the yellow, in the yellow, in the yellow

This mouse is in the yellow, he's all yellow

*Ask : I wonder what color Blue and Yellow make?

Together they are making (pause, let them observe and say it first)GREEN, making green, making green

Together they are making green, mixing is fun...

and repeat for other colors

Here is the FREE PRINTABLE ON TPT for the mouse paint science activity, it's FREE 

I also teach them a song about mixing primary colors to the tune of "ten little Indians" 

Red and Yellow makes orange
Yellow and Blue makes green
Blue and Red makes purple
I love mixing colors

We sang this while doing our science activity. 
in advance I made 3 ice cubes of each primary color with food coloring. 

BE CAREFUL, food coloring is not easy to get off, or at least I am not aware of the trick to get the stain off your fingers or clothing. 

 I placed each one into a countiner and had the kids sing the song as they swirled it slowly with their partner.  When they were all done we set it on our science table so they could observe the rest of the ice melt. 

This activity was very fun, for all of us. It was my first time doing this, and I believe it was fun, and engaging, in my opinion it was a SUCCESS! 

Sorting colorful socks. I went on clip art and typed socks and found a few pattern ones and made them different sizes as well. I then colored and laminated them. 

Are there any activities or variations you've done with these activities or this theme?

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