Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple-solutely Fun

This is always a fun way to review numbers, counting or introduce addition.

 For those children who are more advance this is a fun art activity  to  teach them how to read and form a proper equation.

Here are some snap shots from our other apple centers.

Simple ABA patterns for my 3-year-old preschoolers. For those students who already knew how to finish a pattern, I made another set with that would challenge them.  
Here is the Apple patterns you can download them for free directly from www.spelloutloud.com

Station #3 Sorting beads by color. What a sneaky way to help strengthen their fine-motor skills. You can also use tongs to make it slightly more challenging.  I found this idea on Childcareland.com

To download the apple sorting worksheet click on the link below. Once you get on the site, be sure to look for the apple bead video , and below the "how to video" will be a pattern link to download the free printable. 

We also practiced making apple pie, before the big day with playdough.

Another fun activity for the kids is making apple trees with their hands. The only part of this project I help them with is pressing their hand/arm down to make the branches and trunk.

 This allows them to freely explore and express their creativity however they'd like.

Are there any other favorite apple crafts or activities your little ones enjoy doing?

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